Saturday, 24 November 2012

Know about HypnoBusters Weight Loss Audios

The case of obesity is increasing in India very fast earlier the obesity was a decease of western country or rich people but now it is not so.  Earlier when hardly one or two fat people  were seen among gathering of 100 which now increase to 40-45 people in a group of 100no now obesity in not remain a decease of rich but now it become a decease of all. where rich people have time and money to reduce the weight but poor or middle class who  are always  busy to  meet their basic requirements of food and shelter and middle class people are busy to repay the bank loan that so rich people can control the obesity or weight gain by medicine or doing exercise where poor or middle class does not have time and money to go for exercise or have healthy food to eat,  therefore the case of obesity is increasing among poor and middle class people very fast compare to rich class people. 

As I am not belong to rich class but my nephew who is hardly 20 years is suffering from obesity and his BMI(Body mass indicator) is above 32, in search about the tips and trick to lose weight naturally or by any other means but my nephew failed to loose weight then of my neighbor who recently come on transfer  has told us about 'Gastric band Hypnotherapy which we recently tried out on my nephew, a relatively new weight loss product  called 'Gastric band Hypnotherapy' . 

How Gastric band Hypnotherapy works:  It is basically where a hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to convince your subconscious mind that you have actually received gastric band surgery. The theory is that once your mind believes this, you will feel fuller much sooner than before, causing you to eat less and lose weight.

After seeing all the noise across the web about this innovative weight loss technique, we decided to put it to the test. Is all the hype really worth it, or is it yet another weight loss scam?I bought the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy pack from one of the most reputable hypnotherapy providers on the internet. The company was HypnoBusters , which is operated by the popular UK hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes. Once I paid, I was almost immediately emailed download links to get the sessions. The 5 sessions were downloaded with no problems. I was also pleasantly surprised to receive 2 bonus hypnotherapy sessions, 'Sensible Eating Hypnosis', and 'Exercise Motivation Hypnosis'.1 of the 5 sessions was a reversal of the whole procedure, should my nephew ever wish to use it, so really it is a 4 session therapy. He was to listen to each of the 4 sessions 24 hours apart, and was advised to only eat a liquid diet for 3 days whilst doing this. I have to admit that this was difficult for the first day, but it was surprisingly easy once he got used to it for the remaining 2 days. He could eat soups, yog hurts, and smoothies, so it wasn't all that bad. Listening to the sessions was a pleasantly relaxing experience. Jon has a very soothing voice, and the sessions had a nice calming musical backdrop. it was kind of thinking that he would be listening to some stern hypnotist who would try and control his mind, but nothing could be further from the truth. he didn't feel like he was under anyone's control. he felt more like he was listening to a meditation session. Just nice and relaxed.

Once he had finished the sessions he some how felt different. he could not really put his finger on it, but it was strange. Something had clicked. At first I almost didn't notice it, but he really wasn't as bothered about eating as he usually is. Instead of trying hard not to eat too soon after his last meal, I now have to remind him to eat. Also for the first time I can remember,he usually don't finish everything on his plate. I am no longer bothered about wasting food. he  just eat what he want, and leave the rest.With this new attitude towards food, he has been losing weight, and pretty quickly. He has been losing a steady 2 pounds per week for the last 5 weeks. That's a total loss of 10 pounds so far, which is pretty amazing as he hasn't been this weight in years.He still has a little bit to go, but with his new attitude to eating, I'm very confident he can make it.I HIGHLY recommend this product and think you should give it a go. They have a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied, so you have nothing to lose.For more information check out this link Click Here!

I also watched promotional video on youtube to make my mind before purchasing it.